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 How to get to Guatemala...
Find here all the information you need to know on how to get to Guatemala, by bus, airplane or driving. Guides for the most common entrances.
 Guatemala by regions
 Interesting data...

Guatemala is located in the north of Central America, and i'ts locations provides a great weather. It's geographical richness allows the country to have several micro-weathers which is one of the reasons of the great flora and fauna, it has more variety of birds than Canada and United States together.

 Destination of the season:
  Antigua Guatemala ::  

It's a must when visiting Guatemala. It preserves the original architecture of the time of the colony.

It's streets, full of artistic and arquitectonic beauty, are an ejoyable walk around with diferent ambients.

Most of the buidings and churches are now National Patrimony.

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  Welcome! ::  

MayanTravel introduce you to one of the world's most fascinating countries, a place of breathtaking geological, ecological and cultural contrasts. In Guatemala, emerald-green volcanoes stand watch over the cobblestone streets and adobe houses of sleepy towns like Antigua, over azure lakes plied by fishermen inn dugouts canoes as you will see in
Atitlan Lake.

Highland's villages nestle in valleys of the Sierra Madre mountain range, tilled by Guatemala's Maya people for more than 4,000 years.

In the lowlands rainforest, the ruins of great Maya cities such as Tikal are home to toucans, monkeys and jaguars, while the Quetzal, Guatemalan's
national bird, thrives in mountainous cloud forests.

You will find a lot of interesting activities to keep you busy in Guatemala, as you visit museums devoted to Guatemala's Maya culture or colonial Spanish history, tour the ruins of archaeological sites, hike in pristine tropical forest, raft down rapids of crystalline rivers, listen to the happy rhythms of the marimba or shop for unique craft in the country's many colorful markets like Chichicastenango.

Wherever you go, you will find smiling, friendly people who are very proud of their exceptional country and happy to tell you more about it.

 Is it safe travelling to Guatemala?

Of course!

Thousands of visitors from around the world can tell you that the safety and common sense goes hand to hand just like in every other country. It is an amazing place to spend vacations, to explore and to enjoy!! ask anybody who has been here, and don't forget to ask the ones who decided to stay!

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