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-Our guided tours are available in your language, we cover a wide variety of multilingual services. Our reservations will help you all over the region once occupied by the Maya Civilization: Guatemala, Belice, México, Honduras and El Salvador.

Explore the most beautiful mayan temples due to their history and architecture, built hundreds of years ago, designed to stay with us. Mute witnesses of rich history of kings and queens, conquests and revolutions among the different maya cities.

Specialized tours

Enjoy -one day tours-, specially designed for travelers with a tight schedule but eager to discover the region. Or choose among the multi destination tours so you can walk into the jungle with our specialized guides following the old trails used for commerce or war.

Stay on one of the best hotels inside the jungle area or choose between the many options of all included hotels in the region with great beauty around.


The main attractions of the mayan world

Explore the trails of Tikal, treasure with rich beauty and wild fauna among magnificent mayan temples. Watch the amazing Temple I dedicated to Ah Cacau, great king of Tikal and then climb Temple II built in honor to his wife, and from there enjoy the amazing view of the Great Acrópolis.

Dive into the amazing history of Iximché, the last maya capital and the place of the first spanish city in the Guatemalan Kingdom. Enjoy walks among temples and stairs of Yaxhá, visit the maya city built on an island (Topoxté), live all these rich experiences of history, architecture and culture as one maya experience or, combine with other destinations of cities and treasures of the region.

Alternative destinations

Get a rich experience including beauties like Lake Atitlán, wake up early in the morning surrounded by volcanoes and colorful sunbeams. Have dinner on one of the many tasty restaurants in Panajachel or enjoy the party at night. Why not visiting La Antigua Guatemala? famous due to the variety of temples, churches and architecture on streets and avenues eager to tell a fantastic story. Enjoy a horse ride or climb the Agua Volcano, the giant watching the city..colonial.


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