La Antigua Guatemala colonial jewel

Discover the colonial city of La Antigua Guatemala in just one day with special tours bringing the best of the city to you. The tours are available for one person (private tour) and also for groups of any size and age. Feel free to ask for our special services for third age travelers.


Spend several days at Antigua Guatemala

If you have the time then let's make the most out of it, enjoy more than one day among rich history, beautiful architecture and streets with hidden secrets of migrations and past tragedies on what used to be the key location of the kingdom.

Visit the church of Santa Clara, located inside the convent, is one of the few not visible from the streets, it was a private temple. Explore the tombs inside the ruins or visit the many temples still serving the loyal Catholics like San José or La Merced with the many colorful decorations.

Give one day to historic and photographic walks around churches like Belén, San Francisco, San Agustín, Capuchinas or visit ancient temples that still survive as monuments like San José el Bajo, perhaps you would like to go beyond the  urban heart of La Antigua and reach other places like San Pedro Las Huertas, or even San Juan Obispo to get a narrative about the museum and church.

Combine the time as you want, ask us with confidence and you will discover La Antigua Guatemala as a rich city filled with treasures worth knowing in as many days as you have available. So many beauties, want to stay? we can help you with that getting a long stay at the hotel of your choice or an apartment rental. Take your time.


Why not climbing a volcano?

Agua Volcano remains as a constant element of La Antigua Guatemala beauty. Trails on the forest offer a nice adventure, one that if you like, can end on the summit with a nice view. Depending on your physical condition perhaps you might be interested on climbing Acatenango Volcano, brother of Fuego Volcano.

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